Many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck between choosing to use a responsive multipurpose theme and harnessing a specifically designed niche Joomla template. We’ll take a close look at both and share valuable information just to help you make the best decision.

But first,

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an incredible free source and open-source content management system that is intended for publishing web design content. It is a powerful platform that not only empowers website builders but also helps them to build great websites and mobile applications.

Whether you chose to employ multipurpose website themes or a specifically designed niche Joomla template, it is paramount to ensure that it is responsive. Nowadays, many people are accessing the internet through handheld devices like tablets and smart phones. Using a responsive design would mean that your online store can be accessed successfully across a wide range of devices.  Thus giving your online store a wider reach as well as cutting down costs as you won’t have to create a website for each device.

Advantages of using responsive multipurpose Joomla e-commerce template

Easy to customize

The goodness of the multipurpose themes for e-commerce sites is that they are easy to tweak to accommodate your specific needs. They even allow the copy pasting of designs from a site to another one. They offer a broad range of possibilities and so can they are adaptable to a wide spectrum of industries.

Several layouts that you can choose from

Multipurpose themes will give you a wide variety of lay outs that you can use for any website topic. The designs are diverse, and you don’t need to understand coding so that even the novice can achieve great results.

Simple extensions

It is easy to update multipurpose themes whenever there are new versions. You can easily add short cuts, codes, plugins and other elements hassle free.

Free demos

Multipurpose themes have free demos so that you can try out and see how the lay out and the features look like before you can use them. It is also possible to configure a multipurpose theme to suit a single niche.

Cost effective

Multipurpose themes are also cheaper and certainly save you the most necessary time and money and thus make it easier for you to achieve a great e-commerce platform fast.

Advantages of using a specially designed niche Joomla template

• Develops a website that can suit a particular target market Specially designed niche themes are trendy and are made with a particular industry in mind. So that there are specific templates for music bands, fashion, construction, tourism, online portfolio, religious establishments and many others. It is a great advantage as they are suitable and complete regarding features and characteristics.

• Minimalism

As stated above, specially designed niche themes are focused on a particular industry, and so they are devoid of redundant features. The theme saves you time and the stress accompanied with the removal of the unwanted features. The themes are simple and highly functional.

However, the following are the negative points of the niche themes:

• Inflexible The niche themes are not flexible because they are customized for a particular audience. If a need arises, that requires changes you get stuck.

• The theme may become easily outmoded

Let’s face it, even within a niche market; new products are introduced. Thus the inadaptability of niche themes makes them outdated fast. A good example is where you decide to launch a new brand or change the product altogether. You have to discard the theme and begin a fresh. If you want to explore more ecommerce website templates checkout Shopify’s offerings!

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